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EL Virrey Boutique Cusco is located at the colonial arcades in "Plaza de Armas" the Main Square of Cusco City.

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To make your stay pleasant and to let you enjoy some unforgettable days, take some time to read the information and recommendations that we have prepared for you!

Cusco is the capital of the Department of the same name and one of the most important cities located in the South-Eastern part of peru. Considered as Cultural Patrimony of tha Humanity by Unesco since 1983, is also known as the Rome of America.

Population: 358,050 inhabitants according to census of the year 2007.

Climate: Dry and warm with two defined seasons: the first is the dry season from April to October with sunny days, cold and freezing nights. The average temperature is 13 Celsius degrees, and can reach also below zero degrees. The second is the season of rain between November and March, the average temperature is 12 degrees with a less intense coldness reaching 22 degrees in sunny days. August is usually a month with presence of cold wind.

Altitude: 3,450 meters above the sea level.

Time diferences: UTC/GTM -5 Hour.

Currency: The national currency is the Nuevo Sol, some products and services can also be paid in dollars.

Banks: Are open from 9:00 ta 7:00 hours, most of them are located along Sol avenue one block from the hostal, several currency exchange houses and ATMs are around the hostal.

Shops: Are open from 9:00 to 20:00 hours. some close from 13:00 to 16:00 hours.


Before leaving your country, be sure to ask your doctor about the type of medication that can be taken for altitude sickness or soroche especially if you have high blood pressure, heart desease or have the risk of suffering it.
You can prevent altitude sickness by taking a medication prior to your arrival with the prescription of your doctor. Altitude sickness is the lack of adaptation of the organism to hypoxia or lack of oxygen, in case of symptoms we can assist you with our measurement aquipment (oximeter) for a prior diagnosis.

we also offer oxygen and natural coca leaves to helpyou to feel fit.

  • Try not to do much physical effort the first day and we also recommend having candy lemon that help in case your pressure get lower.
  • The first day eat quite light foods such as salads soups or integral breads. In altitude the degestion becomes slower and the elimination of fluids (diuresis) increases. So have a bottle of water with you. We recommend not top drink tap water because is not drinkable.
  • when you are siuted to the climate, ask for a good typical food restaurant and ask for a guinea pig baked, chiriuchu, aji de gallina or ceviche. You will not regret it!!.
  • Do not forget to bring a windbreaker and a warm jacket to protect from the cold a poncho raincoat when it rains and trekking shoes for your visits.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, hat sun, sun glasses and also your camera or camcorder to take every moment of your trip!
  • If you have preferred to hire your journey on arrival, we recommend not to hire the services offered by people in the stret, feel safe of being treated in an office and be sure to read carefully all that is included and not in your rate travel.
  • Remember that some products and services may be paid in dollars, the money that is broken, damaged, stained or patched could be rejected, either check your dollars to avoid disappointments.